Innovative Aspects

The 3D-gel electrophoresis method offers the following distinct advantages:

  • Data collection by online photodetection of Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF): Results are immediately accessible without time-consuming gel incubation and documentation (no fixing, staining, destaining, scanning).
  • All samples of a series are analysed simultaneously in the same 3D-gel: Direct comparability of separation patterns, no technical gel-to-gel variations. The sample index (n=1...36) can be used as a virtually continuous, 3rd parameter in the analysis (e.g., denoting time, concentration, or dose of a drug treatment).
  • A single 3D-gel accomodates up to 1536 individual samples loaded directly from a microtiter plate for 1D separation, or 36 IEF-prefractionated samples for 2-DE protein analysis: High throughput, easy handling, cost saving.